The Gourmet's Guide to Making Sausage Vol. II - Christopher Bruce

The Gourmet's Guide to Making Sausage Vol. II

By Christopher Bruce

  • Release Date: 2013-10-26
  • Genre: Methods


Chris Bruce has made sausage as an amateur and professional for over 10 years but does not claim to have written any of the recipes in this book. In fact the recipes have been collected from every Tom, Dick and Harry he knows and a lot of people he doesn’t as well as from publications and the Internet. Some of them are exactly as provided, others have been changed so much from the original version that they would not be recognized by their original authors, some were gleaned from national meat boards and some from companies promoting sales of sausage ingredients, casings or equipment. However, all the recipes have been tried and tested and as far as I am aware, none of my friends or customers have ever suffered any ill effects from consuming any sausage the recipe for which is included in this collection.